PM Hasina: Let’s vow to build a bright future this Pohela Boishakh


File photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Focus Bangla

The prime minister addresses the nation on the eve of Bangla New Year, urges everyone to celebrate maintaining all Covid-19 safety protocols

Pohela Boishakh marks a new beginning – an opportunity to move past yesterday’s follies and forward with hope and determination. Keeping that in mind, Bangalis should resolve to better themselves and build a bright future, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said.

“Pohela Boishakh – welcoming the Bangla New Year – is a festival of all. It is an integral part of the Bangali culture, identity,” she said while addressing the nation on Tuesday.

“It inspires us to overcome our limitations and intolerance, and move past our regrets and despair; it gives us hope and determination to build a better tomorrow.

“Let our resolution this year be leaving past follies and rubbish behind – make ourselves better. Let’s vow to move forward and build a brighter future for ourselves as we welcome Bangla New Year,” she added.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is addressing the nation on the eve of Pohela Boishakh and Bangla New Year 1428. Her speech is being broadcast on all national television channels.

Speaking to the nation, the premier also urged everyone to remember the severity of Covid-19 situation in the country, and maintain all safety protocols when celebrating Pohela Boishakh.

“Like last year, we are unable to hold our usual celebrations for this occasion this year because of Covid-19, in order to ensure public health safety. So let’s celebrate Bangla New Year staying home, enjoying the time with our family members,” she added.

“We have been battling the pandemic for more than a year,” the prime minister said. “Covid-19 was first detected in our country in the first week of March last year. We were overcome with panic and uncertainty, but we faced it and tacked it.

“Along the way, we have lost many of our loved ones due to Covid-19. I pray that those we lost to this pandemic rest in peace, and I offer my condolences to their families.

“We are going through another wave of Covid-19. This time, it is more dangerous and contagious. You can see that nothing is working to prevent further transmission of this disease.

“Under such circumstances, we have to take some strict measures to save lives, following the advice of our public health experts. I know these restrictions will cause inconvenience to many of us, but we must remember – our people’s lives are above everything,” the prime minister said, adding that every country in the world that is facing the crisis is doing the same.

She also assured the nation that the government was keeping vigilant so that the economy and people’s livelihoods don’t collapse due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

“You do not have to worry. The government is always beside you,” she said, adding that the government had already allocated Tk807.65 crore for employment in rural areas, and more than Tk672 crore for Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr.